Overview of Adoption explorer Layouts

  • 19 June 2020
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Hello Gainsight Admin Community!

This article about Adoption Explorer layouts will cover the basic steps of how to get started and what are the insides of it.

Bringing in the Usage data and drawing insights from it is made easy with Adoption explorer.

As per the business requirement Usage Layouts with Usage sections can be configured. 

The Usage section is similar to a report with Adoption explorer objects as the source and Layout is similar to a Dashboard holding Usage sections.

To edit/create a new layout - click on the +icon available in the right corner.




To Analyse the usage data let us begin by choosing one of the Usage sections. For more information refer - here

Proceed by choosing the usage section type to be as “Analytics”



  • In the next step select required measures of any Data source (Company usage info/person usage info etc…)

  • In the show section select the measures accordingly


The below screenshot shows an example of “Total, Open and Clicked Engagements By Date”

LxFaVdfNg6oSYsyZe9PRh-PoK8mWTbhmC8GawhudLgWLja0FHQx6z-OuR3OThCu2VqKG18FvvyxwHSa3WZXF1w4nF7IH742oV_KQ7usews-cUeRt8H9ogFuShVdAA0m8rPR8zuv4You can apply aggregation Functions on the measures by clicking on + icon in the show fields section.

Once you have the required fields in the show section and aggregations applied accordingly, click on “Show Preview”. Usage section preview takes you to a page where you can Select the required Company, Instance and Date Range, and click Preview.



Select the chart type accordingly from  the available options as Table,List,Line chart,Area Chart, stacked area chart, Grouped Horizontal Chart. The types of charts available are dependent on the measures you have pulled in the show fields section.




The following options are available to view the charts:


  • Smoothen edges: Smooths away noise/sharp edges in the graph

  • Show Missing dates with Nulls: Checking this option enables you to include the dates on which the usage data is not available as NULL and is accordingly shown in the chart.

  • Animations: It animates the charts as a painting

  • Show grid lines: Grid lines in the chart plot show axis divisions to help viewers of the chart see what value is represented by an unlabelled data point especially for large or complicated charts.

  • Show data points: Enabling this option highlights the data points in the graph as in the below screenshot.


  • Use gradients: Use the slope of the line i.e the difference between changes in the X and Y coordinates.

  • Show Legend: Legend provides the details of the data displayed in the graph.


Hope this post is helpful!

Happy Gainisghting :)

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