Success Operations KPIs

  • 16 November 2016
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We're looking to create some KPIs specifically for our Success Operations team. Does anyone have these in place that they'd be willing to share?

12 replies

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Be sure to check out this insanely excellent post from Allison Pickens @ Gainsight! It gets into detailed specifics on metrics.
I'm happy to discuss the biz ops KPIs. We work on a variety of projects so it'd be helpful to hear more details on your team. For example, we work on 1) scalable assets (growing Community, etc.), 2) Gainsight admin and 1:many strategy, 3) CS analytics, 4) Customer Marketing (advocacy, blog posts, etc.), and 5) strategic quarterly plays. Each of these has it's own KPIs. 
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Hi Elena,

The main focus for our group would be around #2 from your list. Currently more heavily focused on GS Admin and helping the Success groups optimize their processes via GS.
Makes sense. I've asked our current and former GS admins to comment! 
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Are you referring to internal KPIs or KPIs with the customers that you service?
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so we are more looking at an ROI (the reason behind KPIs) right?
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Sort of. So, what metrics can a Success Ops team use to show the ROI they are providing to the business? For example: # of risk accounts identified, # of upsell opportunities, etc.

Does that make sense?
Hi Heather,

Circling back here, here are some thoughts on CS Ops KPIs:  

  • 1:Many outreaches:
    • # of outreaches 
    • Open rate % of the emails
    • Click rate % on links in the content
    GS Administration: 
    • Habit scores of end users 
    • Completion of new dashboard(s), CTAs, etc. [list]
    • Page views of dashboard(s), CTAs, etc. 

  • Process Adherence
    • % of end-users who adhere to process (i.e. How many CSMs use a new playbook)
    • % of functions/events completed properly (i.e. How many milestones are properly logged)
    • % of data that CSMs have "high confidence" in Gainsight
Hope this helps! 
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This is great, Elena! Right along the lines of what we were thinking. I really appreciate the follow up and sharing!
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Hi Heather & other CS Ops Leaders, I'm talking with a customer who's interested in learning what metrics you have put in place for your Operations team?  Any new ideas out there on this topic?  Thanks!
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Hi Elaine,

One new thing for us that we are starting to look at is Milestones, specifically around our risk CTAs.  So, for each one, we've tried to set up an automatic milestone based on criteria that would determine the risk has been addressed and "fixed".  We're using these in a couple of ways.

  1. To measure how good our CSMs are at resolving the risk
  2. To measure how good the alerts are.  If the CSMs are consistently bad at resolving and they've done their due diligence in coaching, etc., is it worth re-engineering the alert to be at an earlier point?