Tokenizing URLs in Email template

  • 26 August 2020
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Hi Admins!


This post shows you how to insert tokens inside the URL. It is super simple to implement and it is very helpful since this use case is very common where Admins want to embed the URLs that are customer specific. 

I am here showing the use case where I have configured a email for CSM to notify them when Sentiment score drops/changes. In the email template, I want to embed the link which navigates to the respective account’s C360 page. 

The first part of C360 page URL remains consistent and last part of URL keeps changing with respect to account.



In the email template, click on the insert link so that you can place the URL towhich you want to navigate.



The new pop-up window appears where you insert the token within in URL. As the Account Id as I highlighted keeps changing I am tokenzing that.


We can map the token to any fields in “Edit token Propoerties” section, here I am mapping the Account→ Id from Account object.



Here is how it looks after I tokenise the URL:


Hope this helps, in auto-populating the customized URLs that we embed in emails.


3 replies

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Thanks, @Jyothsna!  I actually just did this yesterday, and it’s super helpful and easy to configure!  I created a link for the opportunity and another for the account in Salesforce.  

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Super helpful @Jyothsna!

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Super helpful! Bumping this to the top!!