Tips for troubleshooting / self diagnosing platform issues

  • 26 July 2019
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What could be affecting my community?

From time to time you might be running into an unexpected behaviour of the platform - usually the main reason for this is caused by clashing elements and styling rules contained within the Server Side Included header/footer or problems with third party code additions. It is not always easy and straightforward to tell what's causing that certain behaviour anomaly.

So we've provided the following commands to help you narrow down the different scenarios, we also heavily make use of these when performing internal investigations. Therefore, we highly recommend you to make use of them whenever you encounter some issues on the platform. All you need to do is to add these parameters at the end of the URL on the page where you can see issues:

  • ?disableCustomCss = Disable your added Custom CSS

This command will disable any additional CSS you add to the Theme → Custom CSS area. E.g:

  • ?disableSsi = Disable your Server Side Included header & footer

This command will disable any header and footer, including any Javascript and CSS they might contain, that could be affecting the layout or display of the community page. E.g:

  • ?disableTps = Disable your Third Party Scripts

This will inactivate any third party scripts that are running on the page you are on, which will help you see if these scripts are interfering in any way with the behaviour of the platform. E.g:

  • ?flush = Forced cache clearing

This will ensure any cached webpage elements have been flushed, which could also have been causing you to not see the updates you're expecting to see. E.g:

Give them a try on your community now! Don't worry, the changes will only be visible on your own PC and will not be seen by the end users of the community.

Is your issue still persisting? Then just reach out to us at let us know about your issue and we will save the day! Just provide as much information as possible to us as well as the steps you may have already tried to remedy the problem.

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