Ability to Configure Custom Timeline Views for End Users

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There was a recent update to allow admins to configure custom views for cockpit for End Users. When will this awesome feature be available for timeline? Would be great to set these up ahead of time to reduce burden for CSMs who wont know how data is organized in Gainsight to select fields,



@Erseburse Thanks for sharing this with us! I am will confirm the road-map on this and get back to you. 

Hi @Erseburse , This is a nice idea, I’ll add it to the roadmap. But ETA is not yet decided. 


​​​​​​+1 this would be great to highlight different types of timeline activities for our CS teams vs Sales teams, etc. 

The only workaround I’ve seen is having a SFDC admin login as the user in SFDC, go to NXT, add a new filtered view to their C360. It scales terribly

This would be so nice to have!!

Would love to see this implemented.

@sarahmiracle @donnajfuchs We will look into this and update once we have added it to our roadmap.

@soumitrasahu any updates on this?  Would love to be able to set this up so that my teams can easily filter to just their activities.

This resonates soo well with UI consinstency and uniform user exerpeice for the Gainsight tool overall.  As Admins and users, a common and consistent visual theme along with functionality would be ideal.

+1 and voted. This functionality is being requested by our SVP for deployment to our entire CSM team. cc: @soumitrasahu 

+1 for this functionality for all the reasons others have already stated.  


Any updates here? @sai_ram 

@CarollynnC Sai is no longer with Gainsight. Tagging @anirbandutta 

Adding @Bhawya to this thread.