Ability to inline edit a custom field on report built from standard object

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I need to be able to add a report to a dashboard that is built from a standard object, or has a lookup to a standard object, and have the option to enable inline editing for custom fields I’ve added to the object.

I have a team that needs to see a territory/regional view of persons, with inline editable fields for the person in the report. Currently, to achieve this, I have to force the exact same data from that standard object to a separate low volume object. Doing it this way causes issues because I can only push data to that object every two hours, when real-time updates would be ideal. If a custom field from the person was allowed to be edited, it would update the object and give everyone the data needed across the platform immediately.  It seems counterproductive to not allow this since I’m essentially storing ‘person’ data in a non-person object just to allow inline editing, but it’s not on the person object so this causes many limitations.

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