Ability to merge contacts within one account?

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I’m using the NXT version of CS and am looking to merge two contacts listed under one account. 


Occasionally our clients will update their email addresses, so we’ll have two separate contacts (one current and one that’s outdated) that represent the same person. We don’t want to just delete the old one and lose all of the activities they were part of. 

Ex. customer@abc.com changed their email address to customer@xyz.com, want merge the two so that @xyz.com will be associated with all historical activities @abc.com was part of, and then be able to delete @abc.com


Is there a way to accomplish this in NXT?

@kunal_bhat what are your thoughts on this use case?

Hi @kleasure and @dan_ahrens - Was a determination made about the best way to go about this as I’ve run into this scenario a few times recently?

The ability to merge two person records in Gainsight is on the roadmap and very tentatively looking at middle of 2021 for availability.

Thanks for the update @dan_ahrens . Really glad to hear that this in the pipeline and will be released in the not to distant future. 

We’re well past mid-2021. What’s the status @GameChangerAdmin ?

@dan_ahrens Any updates on this?

Hi @alizee , I’m no longer a Gainsight employee so I don’t have any updates, but perhaps @anirbandutta-test-user can help. 

Thanks for nudging Alizee and thanks Dan for remaining ever so helpful. @Shilpa Gumnur would you be able to share some updates on this Idea?

@alizee It’s been worked upon actively, I’ll update the timeline soon.

Any update on this, we have a bunch of duplicates from emails being updated and would love to clean them up.

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@johntrask_bt We’re actively working on this requirement and you’ll hear more about this soon.

I am very interested in this as our org has a duplicate contact issue. If you have a beta group for this I would like to be considered.

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@mbennett Thanks for volunteering, I’ll reach out to you accordingly.


@Shilpa Gumnur I’m also interested in volunteering for beta testing as we also have quite a mess to resolve. 


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