Adding more than 3 "Email Copy" recipients to program email

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Was wondering if there was any work around giving admins the ability to add more than just 3 “email copy” recipients to an email template in a program. I set up a program to send survey completion notifications to leadership, and I’ve been receiving requests to add more people to the subscription list and for sure it is difficult with just a 3 person limit.

@tiffany_hui There is no workaround as of now. How often do you get such requests.

@tiffany_hui did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @nitisha_rathi .

Hey both-- 


We’ve just had to create a group email alias to satisfy the volume of subscribers. I would say that members of various teams like to receive survey notifications, so 3 still feels like a restriction but we’ve made it work for now.

Thanks for sharing. I have added it to the roadmap

This only appears to affect internal (User) based programs, there doesn’t appear to be a limit for Company based programs. Is there a reason there is a limit for 1 and not the other?