Autofill Global Filter Configuration

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One of these little Admin Quality of Life things I’ve been meaning to post about for a while: Please autofill our global filter configuration! 


What I mean is this: Let’s say I have a dashboard that sources 5 objects, and each of those 5 objects are responsible for 4 reports. When I configure the global filter, it asks which object I want to set as the default. So, for example, I select “Company” and then configure my field. The global filter setup then autofills all 4 of my reports built off Company. Great!




The painful part now begins. Instead of being able to autofill each of the remaining 4 objects, I have to painstakingly configure my global filter for each of my remaining 16 reports. Why?? Please add an enhancement where I can have the rest of my 4 objects autofill once I select the right field. Thanks for considering.

Huge yes to this.

If I may complement, it would be great for the auto-fill to also work when, for whatever reason we need to add a new report down the line after completing the original dashboard configuration.

I’ve had multiple cases where despite not configuring global filters until my dashboard was final, I’ve had to modify it to the FINAL FINAL FINAL config (as it happens with PPTs and all sorts of documents), and had to remap all filters.

Can also occasionally skip one’s mind - so a warning message to say “some of your reports are not mapped in global filters - are you sure you want to save” would be a helpful reminder (where the above cannot be achieved, i.e. with data spaces where the field name may have been modified, or where Gainsight is inconsistent and cannot identify the field because it’s not called the same). 

I’d take this baby step in the meantime: if I add new reports to the dash built on the same source object used as the default mapping for a global filter config, those also don’t autopopulate. It would be a fantastic start to replicate the same outfill behavior to new reports added to a dash after a global filter was initially created, when the source object already matches the default object mapping.

This just came up for me and it’s frustrating how much time it takes! We recently changed the way we are measuring our EBRs, and because of this I had to replace reports on several dashboards. I had to go into each global filter (about 10 per dashboard normally) and set the correct field. This probably took me a couple of hours of manual work - this seems like something that could be automated or at least improved as suggested above.

Also a +1 on the suggestion to give a warning message if some reports aren’t mapped!

+1 would save so much time if global filters could be auto-filled!