Customer Goals - Metrics Per Goal

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Just noticing the metrics section for Customer Goals is now available.  Would be great if you could limit the metrics that appear per Goal and allow the end user the ability to check which metric(s) they want to use and only display that one.

Our use case - we have specific goals per products thus would be great to be able to set up in the Goals Library.  Like this:

  • Goal X has Metrics A, B, and C - end user only needs metric A, so “selects” that, and the others are hidden.
  • Goal Y has Metrics D, E, and F - end user needs metric D and F, so “selects” those and E is hidden

It feels like depending on the number of goals/metrics you have, that section is going to get unwieldy pretty quickly.  

@mpatra heads up on Multi-Metrics Customer Goals feedback

@eriklangston  based on what we discussed earlier today.

Hi @heather_hansen ,

We will be introducing Goal Type very soon in Customer Goals and with that admin will be able to choose the Metrics that apply to each Goal Type.

Even with this, do you think there is a need to add a CSM selection?





@mpatra Maybe?  I could still see it being a bit cumbersome depending on how Goal Types will work.


@bradybluhm @mpatra after looking at the setup assigning Goal type would help but we still might need the flexibility of assigning specific metrics to a goal independently. Similar, if not the same as the initial example