Customising the Attendee List Form

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Make it possible to add fields to the Event Registration form? Currently, when I download, I see Username, User ID, User Email and Sign up date.

I would like to see which company they are from, their first name and last name as well. How do I set this up? Any help here is highly appreciated!

Hi @Kamakshi V 👋,

This isn’t currently possible but it’s a cool idea. It would be good to see all of the user’s profile information when downloading an attendee list. I’ll go ahead and convert this question into an idea so that the community can vote on it.

Hi @Kamakshi V and @olimarrio! Thanks for raising this idea here. We considered adding multiple fields to the RSVP form, but decided to actually update the CSV to contain all of the user’s profile fields as per this idea. 

I’ll merge this idea and its votes with that one.

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