GS Home Layout Changes

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This has to be a repost so if you find another similar one @anirbandutta feel free to merge, but I couldn’t find it.


For Gainsight Home:

- I have layout A assigned and my users have customized it.

- I have now created layout B that I want everyone to use instead of layout A whether it has been customized or not.

- So I assign them to layout B, and unassign and unpublish layout A.

It seems that it is expected behavior that they still see their custom version of layout A and not the new layout B. 

Rather than forcing everyone to accept the new admin home, I would expect them to see the new layout B once they’ve been assigned to it and the original layout is unpublished.


Having customizations persist across one layout until changes are accepted is one thing, but having it persist across multiple layouts largely defeats the point of having multiple layouts, and makes things harder to manage.

I like bradley’s suggestion. Other potential approaches could be to enhance Gainsight such that:

  1. Admins should have the ability to force an updated page layout on all users with an accompanying informational message on their homepage informing them of the same
  2. Same as [a] but for select users based on a list of email addresses or even rule-like criteria