Keep timeline activities on deleted CTAs

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Yesterday, we did some CTA cleanup for CSMs that were significantly behind on their CTAs. We targeted CTAs that were no longer applicable (had been resolved, but not closed). After doing so, we realized that the timeline activities associated with those CTAs were not retained. 

If you do not intend to build logic that would keep timeline activity data regardless of the CTA, then can you upgrade the Mass Edit tool to allow mass closure of CTAs/tasks? Currently I can reassign ownership or delete. 

To me, it would seem logical to store all timeline activity in the timeline activity object with a simple field that ties it to a CTA.. so if the CTA is deleted the connection to the CTA is just severed, but the activity is retained, however.. perhaps that doesn’t work/is more complicated than I’m imagining it?

Either way we need a solution that will allow us to quickly and effectively close/delete CTAs that will retain activity information. 

@jochle Thanks for sharing it here. I will get back to you on this.

@jochle Yes. You are correct that the CTA and the timeline entry shouldn’t be tightly coupled. While we have no immediate solution for this, it is definitely something we would like solve. We are adding this to our medium term roadmap. Thank you.


I wanted to find out if there had been any further discussion on this topic. It would be great if there were an option to select if you want to keep the timeline entries or not when deleting a CTA.