Please make the managing of shared reports an easier experience

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I love the share reports feature in Reports, but I am hoping some updates can be made to the usability of this feature so that managing shared reports is an easier and more enjoyable experience.

1). When I navigate to the Manage tab to adjust existing sharing settings for users, I can’t make edits to it as it’s greyed out. If I wanted to make a change, I need to create a new “Share”. This then creates issues with the older report links shared out with a message saying “Unable to access the link.” Usability would greatly increase if admins had the ability to edit existing shares (i.e. remove a user(s), add a user(s) edit the sent time for scheduled reports, etc.)

2). When trying to delete a singular sharing setting, it deletes the rest of the existing sharing settings as well and not just the one I want to actually delete. This means I have to re-add all of the existing sharing settings on the report from scratch. It would be super useful if an adjustment could be made where selecting “Delete” on one action only deletes that one action, not all of them.



Thanks for posting this one! It’s a real headache. @rakesh this didn’t come up during our session earlier this week as a top of mind item for “other things”, but it’s definitely needed!

@rakesh Could we please have an update on this? This is a big pain point. We often have users requesting to be removed from shared reports for different reasons, and having to delete the entire sharing settings just to remove one or a few users is a big problem and a time suck for admins. A user just requested I remove them from a shared report this morning due to a role change, but I can’t just remove them, I have to delete the entire share and then re-add everyone else who was previously receiving the report. And then because the report is scheduled to go out before I received this request, I can’t schedule the report to go out at its regularly scheduled time until tomorrow morning, prior to that time.

💯  If users could “unsubscribe” themselves from within the email, that would be a big bonus.

Yes to unsubscribing!!! Faster and less work for admins. 

💯  If users could “unsubscribe” themselves from within the email, that would be a big bonus.


Anything that improves either the external OR INTERNAL customer experience is plus in my book!

The messy share links become a huge issue if another stakeholder wants to receive the report -- and especially if they want to receive it at a different cadence. Cloning the report for individuals shouldn’t be the answer.

To add to my comment above, since I neglected to think it through FULLY before hitting send…

Could there be a “preferences center” implemented for shared reports that allows users who would have view access to the specified report to be forwarded the link to a previously shared report, and add their own PERSONAL report delivery settings? (ie -- if a report was set up to be sent daily at 9 am EST and they are based out of London and want it delivered only once a week at 9 am BST, they could configure that within the report itself?)

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Hello All,  


We understand the existing limitations with  share reports capabilities and have added this in our roadmap .




Hi @Prateek Parashar do you have an update on where this request falls on the roadmap? Thanks in advance!

Hi @kstim , Unfortunately, this is not planned to go to Dev in Q1. I will update this thread if this goes to dev in Q2.