Renger Gainsight PX Dashboard Widgets Outside Gainsight

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I would like to be able to imbed Gainsight widgets/reports in other applications such as JIRA and Confluence. 

Coming to Gainsight PX to validate a understanding or gather information about usage is great. But you have to have the business question you are looking for when you go to the platform.

The issue we find is that we want to track a single metric in relation to a development/product change. So we need to document the details of the starting value and the goal value outside of just a Gainsight graph of the value. We find that we already make these business plans in our other systems and are then only referring to Gainsight for validation. It is hard to go into Gainsight and read the context since it is not the system or record for these goals. 


Oops. Title should read “Render Gainsight PX Dashboard Widgets Outside Gainsight”.

There does not seem to be an option to edit posts so the typo will have to stay.