Saved Custom Content Blocks in Email Template Builder?

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Several templates that I would like to start creating are contingent upon a big wishlist feature (saved custom content blocks), which would allow us to create blocks (pre-formatted buttons, event listings, side-by-side content blocks with a placeholder image, etc.) that could easily be dropped into a template while creating newsletters and event promotions.

I tend to use a lot of lorem ipsum blocks in saved templates I clone for creating new emails, but it would make things much easier if I was able to design content blocks and save them in a library to pull into the emails as I’m building them out, rather than to have to recreate all of the formatting every time I build an email.

Is this something that might already be on the roadmap, given the planned implementation of the new email template editor (and the phasing out of the old one)?

Great idea, Dayn. I could see orgs using this for common email inserts, like content blocks for how to contact support, or a content block with the latest marketing content we’re looking to share (just drop in the new URL after adding the pre-built content block, and you’re good to go).

New idea (also shared on this post to crosslink the two): 

It would be awesome if we could have an editable library of saved content blocks, where any edits that were made would not only be made to the custom content blocks in the library, but would ALSO be pushed live to any emails those blocks were used in WITHOUT having to manually go into each program containing those blocks and clicking “Republish” on a template.

I would also love to have this for inserting an email signature content block.

@dayn.johnson how do you manage a branded email signature in your templates today?

I would also love to have this for inserting an email signature content block.


👆, 100%!

Our current signature block (and header, for that matter), is a content block with the same background color as the template background so the footer content doesn’t look like part of the email content, with our logo as a hosted image, so any logo updates are reflected across all active templates.

I’ve got several different email templates built with the new template editor depending on what type of header or footer they need (logo header, no header, custom banner header, no logo footer, custom banner footer, etc.). I’ve got multiple different content section placeholders in those templates (various column layouts, buttons, etc.), so when I need to create a new email it’s a process of choosing the template, cloning it, deleting the unnecessary blocks, and building it out from there.

Having saved content blocks would cut down on all the unnecessary extra template versions and placeholder blocks, and a whole lot of re-building (especially where CTA buttons are concerned)!

Is this part of the recent October release? 👇


❓If so, could someone from Gainsight please share the status of saved content blocks on the product roadmap for Horizon email templates? We send multiple newsletter-style client emails and other emails with placeholder content like below 👇, and we use different formatting that we want to keep consistent from month to month.


I used to be able to paste copy into the template and have the text assume the formatting of the placeholder lorem ipsum copy. Forcing us to re-apply our chosen formatting every time feels like a step backward, unless there’s a reason I’m missing.

@anirbandutta Can we get the PM to take a look at this?  Any kind of updates on if this is on the roadmap and when we might expect it?

Sure Heather… lemme get some PM eyes on this.

@dayn.johnson We were noticing that when users are copying text from different sources , some unwanted space was getting inserted between text.  In order to eliminate any unwanted space, text is pasted in plain format. This behaviour has been in place since our GA release (Aug) . Refer the FAQ. Only the info message was introduced recently.

User can use global email content style settings to change the font styling of whole text in one go.

Enabling users to have a library of their saved content block is part of our next year’s roadmap.

That makes sense -- thank you for the update @ssamarth!

Now that the February 2024 release is live with the system templates, can we get an update on when in the 2024 release roadmap we might see a custom content library?

It’d greatly simplify the time to develop emails if we were able to create a saved library of headers, footers, email signature blocks, event and product release information, etc.