Support for Dependent Multi-picklist on attribute section of 360 pages

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Hi Team,

Currently in C360 and R360, the dependency picklist is only supported for single drop down lists. Hence, requesting you to provide support for Dependent Multi-picklist.

@Vineeth Kumar Thank you for bringing this up!

Thanks for sharing this @Vineeth Kumar. We will add this to our roadmap. 
@everyone Please upvote if you are interested in this feature.

Hi @gopal_rao_kallepu in discussion with a customer about this recently, I am curious if this is something we intend to implement soon? 

Looking forward to any information you can provide. 

This would have saved me from creating a number of new fields recently if it worked! The most confusing thing is that it *seems* like it’s going to work. The dropdown admin page allows you to configure the dependency (single select controller field with multi-select dependent.) Even the documentation seems to say that this should work.

Dependent dropdown: Values in this dropdown are populated based on the selection of Value in the controller dropdown. Some or all Values in the Dependent dropdown can be in correspondence with Values from its controller dropdown. You can choose a Single Select or Multi Select dropdown list as Variant to create a Dependent dropdown.


However, even though the dependency was configured, the experience on the R360 was either a) the dependency was ignored and all dropdown options showed (in legacy R360) or b) the dropdown showed “No Data” and none of the configured dropdown options (previewing Horizon R360).

Make it work! It would improve the user experience and save us from having to create duplicate fields for what we needed.

This one is a big deal for us. 

We have a number of core products that a customer can purchase - roughly 40. Within each of those core products, there is a list of modules/features that a customer can purchase. If that list of features is roughly two or three per product on average, we are now working with a picklist that contains approximately 80-120 items.

It would be soooo much easier if we could filter that list down to the 2-3 applicable features based on the product that was purchased rather than having the CSM wade through a massive list of values to find the right ones.