How to Install The Productboard x CC Integration

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Your community contains lots of actionable insights for product managers to use for feature prioritization. Using our Productboard integration, your community team can easily create Productboard notes from community posts, without any manual copy and pasting.

This guide covers both how to set up the integration, and how to actually use it.

How To Install the Productboard Integration

Please check the following prerequisites before continuing:

In CC: You are logged in to Control as a community manager or administrator to connect your Productboard instance with CC. The Productboard integration is available on the Business package and above.


In Productboard: You must be logged in as a Maker with admin access in order to generate an API token.


  1. Generate an API token from the integrations page in Productboard workspace settings.
  2. Go to Control → Integrations → Apps → Productboard.
  3. Enter your Productboard API token and hit ‘Install’.
  4. You’re ready to go!

How To Create a Productboard Note from a Community Post

Please make sure that:

  • You’ve followed the steps above to install the Productboard integration.
  • You’re logged in as a Moderator, Community Manager, or Administrator.
  1. In Control, navigate to the post you want to create a Productboard note from (any user-generated content type is supported: ideas, questions, conversations, and replies)
  2. Press the Productboard button next to the post.
  3. Edit the note ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ if needed.
  4. Optionally, add tags for the note (comma-separated).
  5. Press ‘Create’.
  6. After you create the note, you’ll see the message: ‘You've created a Productboard note’. A link to the Productboard note you created will remain attached to the post in Control.
  7. When you click on the ‘Productboard note’ link, you’ll be taken to the Productboard note in your Productboard instance, so that you can follow it up to link it to a certain feature or add any additional comments.

🎯 A link to the original topic on the frontend, where any user can view it, is automatically available in Productboard (click the link).
⚠️ It’s better to carry out moderation tasks before creating a note from a post, rather than after. Converting the content type (question, conversation, idea) of a post, promoting a reply to a new topic, and moving a reply to another topic will all remove the Productboard note link.

💎It’s not possible to create multiple Productboard notes from a single post. It is however possible to create  multiple notes from different posts within the same topic.

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Confirming that there is no way to test the Productboard integration with the inSided Sandbox? I only see it in the apps in inSided Production. 

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HI Tiffany,

sorry, I must have overlooked your reply and just stumbled over it.

To me it sounds like we only need to activate that feature on your staging environment. I can look into that and will get back to you!

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Hey @tiffany.oda - just enabled it for you on staging.  :)

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Hey there, inSided team! I’m no longer seeing the Productboard app in our production or staging environment. Does this just need to be activated for us by someone at inSided? If so, could someone please help us get it turned on?


Thank you!




Daniel might not be available on the inSpired Community anymore, but I’ll ask @Julian and @Alistair FIeld to stop by.

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Thanks @adam.ballhaussen for letting us know that it seems to be missing for you, also thanks @Blastoise186 for linking me here! I spoke to my colleagues, seems it was deactivated in the configuration. We have fixed that for you now, please let us know if there is anything!

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I see it now. Thanks so much @Julian!

When a post is pushed to productboard, can you see the username or customer name in productboard post/note?

Yes, when a post is being pushed to productboard, you will see the username in productboard together with a link:



Is it possible for productboard to push status changes back to idea exchange in Insided?

@jadkins.iiq I asked the same questions here, it looks as thought this is possible, we are preparing to start our integration in the next couple of months, so happy to share our experience with this, once complete.