Admin Office Hours - June 28th, 2017

  • 23 June 2017
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This thread is for the Admin Office Hours session for Thursday June 28th, 

2017.  Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 11am PST / 12pm MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST.

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7 replies

I'm setting up our first advanced outreach and need to understand a couple more things about them.

  1. Can I configure a participant source without actually adding them until the publish date?
  2. Can I test and troubleshoot the AO before we have to turn it on
  3. Can I remove the escalation email, as that is not something we will use often?
  4. What are the Context fields on the MDA AO Participants object?
I want to better understand how these work before I trust our clients with them.
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Regarding #3: currently, the Escalation email in the NPS Survey model can not be disabled. However, it's an optional element in the CSAT and Generic Survey models.
Thanks, Lila. I'll just use the Generic Survey model for our NPS surveys.
I wanted to create a monthly Rule to:

1) CTA: Remind CSM's to update their CSM Sentiment (in Scorecards 2.0)

2) Set Score 2.0: to N/A for CSM Sentiment

I've created the above but we [i]only want this to happen to accounts that [i]have not had their CSM sentiment in the past 30 days. ( so we don't want it to reset or trigger a CTA if the CSM is proactively updating on a monthly basis). That filter is what I'm struggling with creating in the rule. .
Can I delete an Advanced Outreach or revert it back to a Draft status?

I've created a couple of test advanced outreaches, but now they are just going to clutter up our history.
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Hi Evan - my question is around creating a CTA that compares the value of a current field to an average of that field over the last 12 months.  This field exists in an MDA table and the historical data is there.  I'm thinking a bionic rule should do the trick but I'm only in the early stages of testing.
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You can definitely delete test outreaches from the list view. (CoPilot > Adv. Outreaches > hover on an outreach name and the action icons will become visible).