Tuesday US Admin Office Hours (CS Platform): June 18, 2024 - 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET - Pre-session Thread

  • 17 June 2024
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Hello everyone!

This thread is for our upcoming Tuesday Admin Office Hours session on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET.

Please submit your questions below as replies to this post in advance if you can, and we'll address them during the session (or if there’s a quick answer available, we’ll post as replies to the questions).

There is no need to register for these sessions - you can join at any time. Once the session is underway, I will go in order of questions posted below first, then field questions from anybody else who has joined as well. Look forward to talking with you!

Conference Details (Zoom):

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET


Join Zoom Meeting:



Meeting ID: 967 5809 8131

Passcode: 678844


For dial-in info by your location, find your local number: 


9 replies


Hi Scott, our I.T. team is encountering some issues with some specific functionalities and I wanted to confer with you:

  1. When creating a Timeline entry via rule/API, unable to assign External Attendees and Internal Attendees
  2. Unable to get attachments from existing Timeline entries via rule or API, to use in uploading the same attachments to a new Timeline entry, also via rule/API

Do you know of a solution(s) for either of these challenges?

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Hello @justo.casablanca -- first question, can you post a copy of the API call here?  or DM it to me?  That would help immensely.


2nd question: are they getting error messages when making the API call?  Would like to know what that is.


3rd question:  are the External and Internal attendeed ALREADY in Gainsight Persons/Company Persons (for External attendees) and GS User (for Internal Attendees?) -- that’s required -- the API call will not create Person/Company Persons, or Users, to fulfill the Attendees lookup requirement.

Hopefully you can pass along some answers when you have a chance to the above - will make the discussion more efficient tomorrow - thanks!


Here’s another. We’re doing a data conversion over a long weekend… 3 days, possibly 4.

We use an IDP for SSO. During the conversion, how can I prevent non-admin users from logging in and making changes? I need to do this systematically, as I’d rather not trust only to a communication which the users may (and historically some do) ignore.

Could we:

  1. Update all active non-admin user’s usernames by updating their username domain “@myco.com” to “@myco1.com” ? Then after the data conversion is completed _and_ _validated_, change them all back?
  2. Make all non-admin users inactive, then reactivate them afterward? Yes we would have to also reassign a license (deactivating removes the license), but the real problem is the permission bundles I think.
  3. Are there other options?

Idea: it would be nice to have two options for admins at the push of a button.

  • Temporarily disable login capability for all active non-admin users _without_ deactivating them.  There should be a vanilla landing page that is presented to the users if they try to login, page text configurable by admins.
  • Re-enable login capability for the users whose login was disabled by the first button.
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Hi Scott,


Quick question.  Is it possible to use a rule to create an activity based on a particular type of task closing?  I would want to put notes data from a custom field on the task into the  comments section of the activity. 



Hi Scott, 


Our contacts come into Gainsight from SFDC. Our CSMs do not have access to SFDC (limited licenses). Once the contacts are in Gainsight, our CSMs will occasionally update a contacts record if they leave the company or their title has changed but the next day the contact will revert back due to the nightly sync from SFDC. What would you recommend to prevent this? Should we sync them from Gainsight to SFDC? If so, what’s the best way to do this?

Thank you!


Hi Scott, 


I would also like your help reviewing a rule that is used to identify churn and update the R360. 


Thank you! 

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Hi Scott, Was wondering if there was a way

 to turn all of the "True" to False on this report:


Hi Scott, I have some Company data permissions to show you, but they’re not working and we can’t figure out why. Appreciate if you could look and help us.



Hi @sdrostgainsightcom , here are my questions for today, in advance of the Thursday post.

  1. Is there a way to invoke a series of Data Designers with one click? Kind of like a rule chain invokes multiple rules, that type of thing.
  2. I’m using “KNIME Analytics Platform” for offline analysis of Gainsight data. From KNIME I am trying to make a REST API call to get ‘deleted’ records from our sandbox. Reference these articles. I can show the KNIME config screens but here is some of the config to start. The API call fails but I’m not getting back anything that tells me why, no error message, etc.

Generate REST API Access Key - Gainsight Inc.

Data Management APIs - Gainsight Inc.

URL = https://sandboxnamegoeshere.gainsightcloud.com/v1/data/objects/query/record_delete_log

Method = Post

Request body:

    "select": [
    "limit": 100,
    "offset": 0

Request headers:

accesskey = key retrieved from “Gainsight API” in Connectors 2.0

Content-Type = JSON