Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Dynamic Email Signatures

Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Dynamic Email Signatures
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Hi Community! We need your feedback via a Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting with our Product Management team


What is the VCAM about?        

Dynamic Email Signature has been a long standing ask from our customers. Great to inform that the Product team plans to pick this up for incubation in the coming quarter. As a first step we would love to meet with customers & understand the pain points & expectations for implementing Email Signature.


What is the Agenda of the VCAM? 

  • Understand how users currently create or import dynamic email signatures
  • Understand what kind of data is needed to support dynamic signature [Images, links , token types]
  • Understand the friction points in creating a dynamic signature through a Rich Text field in User Object
  • Understand what tools or applications users are doing to create signatures
  • Understand the desired user experience of creating or importing email signatures from Outlook/Gmail or from any other tools.


What is the outcome that you are looking for as part of this VCAM?        

  • Get an understanding of end to end user experience of how the user wants to either create dynamic signature or import signature                   
  • Understand the capabilities offered by current email solutions which is being used by GS customers (like,Sigsync)


When is this happening?

  • Friday 10th March  -  11:00  AM ET / 8:00 AM PT/ 09:30 PM IST
  • Wednesday 15th March -  12:00  PM ET / 9:00 AM PT/ 09:30 PM IST


Who is the right person to Enroll?

  • Team members who are heavy users of Email Assist (Send Email through Cockpit ,Timeline) or  JO programs
  • Admins who create custom fields in User object for storing signatures
  • User who use 3rd party email solutions like,Sigsync

What should you do?

Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this form. We will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you are unable to use Google forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up. 


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