Can a user resume progress in a guide if interrupted?

  • 13 June 2024
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If a user doesn’t finish a guide (let’s say they close/refresh their browser, or their session times out before they complete the guide), would they re-qualify for that same guide? Or does the fact that they started it mean that they wouldn’t qualify for it again?

If they do re-qualify, would the pick back up at the same step where they left off, or would they start back on Step 1?


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Whether the user sees the Guide Engagement again will depend on the Guide Qualification Scope settings that you are using,  If it is “only once”, then no.  If you use “intervals”, then most likely yes.  If the users does see the Guide Engagement again it will start with step #1 and not pick up where the user dropped off.


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Okay thank you for sharing this, @link_black!