Does your editor include an HTML view?

  • 11 March 2024
  • 4 replies

I noticed that when creating a new article, I could not find your HTML view. Is this a feature that is offered in your Communities? When writing a complex Knowledge Base article, it is often necessary to go into HTML view to do complex formatting. 

4 replies

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Thanks for posting to Gainsight Community @phowe23 !


Did you mean to post this to PX Community (this one) or CC Community?

I don’t know the difference between PX and CC. I will post it in CC. 

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@phowe23 - Knowledge Articles in Gainsight PX (in-app self-help) do have a code view. But you have to click in the article body before you click the <> for code view.

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@phowe23 And if your question is about CC, we also have an HTML editor there.  One of the icons in the editor is called ‘Source’ and it will let you go into and edit the HTML of the article.  Note that the editor doesn’t freely support all code (partly for security reasons - you can’t add JS, for example), but it is a very handy way to check and adjust formatting, clean up messy code (which can happen when content is pasted in from another tool), etc...