Funnel or path analyzer

  • 7 June 2024
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I have a new version of a product but I can see a lot of users are still using the old product despite the default url being the new product. How do I measure the user behavior of people who are logging in and clicking on the old product? Path analyzer does not have a page view (where they are logging in) but funnel does. Does funnel configuration have to be new product url login-old product-old product features? How is the below analysis understood?


1 reply

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Hello Anusha. If I’m following correctly, I think path analyzer is the best option to understand this user behavior. You can map old product pageview events as features in product mapper using URL rules, and/or click events using UI Element rules that include the selector and a url scope from the old product.

Once those features are mapped, you can build a funnel that ends with a feature that represents a particular url in the old product (based on your product mapper rule), and see what the user journeys are on the way into that location. If you find no intermediate steps between the login and the old interface, then the answer is likely bookmarks, old email links, etc.