Google is restricting third party cookies. What does this mean for PX?

  • 6 February 2024
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Have you heard the news? Google announced they are finally restricting third party cookies on Google Chrome. This will be a phased process starting in January 2024. 


What does this mean for Gainsight PX?


  • PX uses cookies to help track users on your applications (Details here). These are considered first party/class cookies, since they are tied directly to the domain/subdomain of the currently tracked application
  • Google is blocking third party cookies. These cookies are typically set by external services, such as advertisers or social media platforms, with the aim of tracking the user's browsing behavior across different websites for advertisements. 

So no need to worry! We won't be affected by this change. Continue to enjoy your PX cookies. 


And remember…


"Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me say: a friend is someone to share last cookie with."

-Cookie Monster



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Love anything with cookies in it!  Thanks for sharing @aroberts  - Nom nom nom nom nom 🍪🍪🍪🍪