Guiding user to leave feedback on KCB

  • 8 February 2024
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I am currently exploring ways to motivate our users to provide feedback through the Feedback tab in our Knowledge Center Bot (KCB). The default setting displays guides and articles, which is useful, but not quite what I need in this context.

While I am aware of the custom button functionality that allows for the opening of the KCB in its default tab, I have not been able to find a solution to open the KCB directly to the Feedback tab. This would be particularly helpful when triggered by an engagement custom button or a similar action.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have on how to achieve this. 

Thank you very much for your time and support.

Best regards, Elli

3 replies

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Hello @Elli ,

while this isn’t an answer to your specific question… this is what we implemented and why.


We required more control within the feedback form. Such as:

  1. A legal paragraph to the user providing feedback
  2. Not having a dropdown if there is only 1 type configured (feedback, support, etc.)

We setup the feedback form as much as we could to meet all of the requirements, but QA couldn’t get past the form. So many questions. Knowing that QA doesn’t get tripped up easily, we opted to NOT launch the KB feedback form.

Instead we launched a KB with:

  1. A single step survey with just a feedback form available
  2. The original intro tour - for the user to replay the Intro tour

We also have a KB that is triggered after the original intro tour letting the user know what they can find within the KB.

So we were able to accomplish our objectives, but sadly could not implement the feedback form. 



Feedback form, we had to greatly manipulate the css to get the lovely legal verbiage in the survey. So as you can imagine, we learned A LOT about how the engagements are created, modified, etc., when we delivered this.


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Thank you for your detailed response; I appreciate the workaround.
I too had hard time with the ‘feedback type field’ with just one option.

If i may, how did you implement the feedback form, is this an embed from some app ?

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@lpicone such a great walkthrough! I’m saving this link for the future.