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We are new to using NPS surveys in PX and are working with one of the built-in templates. If we are to use the survey at the bottom of our application, we were looking for a way for it to live there, but the individual could continue interacting with our app without taking action on the engagement. Is this possible in settings or would we need some sort of custom code to implement? From what I could find, they had to either take the survey or X out before continuing to navigate through the app.




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I’m not sure about surveys, but in other engagements, you can set the overlay to 0%, and then customers can interact with the product. We use this feature in guides, when we want to allow the user to interact on their own before continuing.

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Yes, Michele is correct. There is an Overlay section in the Settings tab of the editor. If you disable the overlay, users can still interact with the page while the survey is onscreen 



@rschlette yes!! I literally just discovered this as I was playing around with buttons! Thank you for the quick response though. The power of #community is amazing