Tip of the Week: The in-app NPS gift that keeps on giving

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The majority of our Gainsight customers implement rolling NPS Surveys ( and other Survey types too) as part of the planned digital "lifecycle" for their users.  As you know, these Surveys are used to collect critical feedback on your relationships, products, and/or services, but even more importantly to identify risks early and often so that these can be handled quickly to prevent customer frustration and even more importantly customer churn. 


Setting up and launching an in-app NPS Survey with Gainsight PX is quick and pretty easy, plus will generate more views and responses than any traditional email-led Survey campaign. Once your team has created and customized your amazing NPS Survey in PX, they can then use simple Engagement Audience Logic to target the right users, at the right time, and in the right place during their product journey.


For example, the Engagement Audience Logic below targets active users to see the first NPS Survey when their signUpDate is more than 90 days ago, after they have a Number of visits (PX sessions) greater than 20, and are viewing the “home” page of the web application. 



This targeting criteria ensures that you are surveying only users who are in a certain area of your product, who are post onboarding stage users/customers, and who are sufficiently experienced enough with your products and success/support teams to give some really good feedback on their experience and sentiment.



This is a once and done Survey, right??? No way!!!  Let the gift of user feedback keep on giving for potentially many years to come.  


Your team should consider using the Engagement Qualification Scope Rule “Intervals” option to have this NPS Survey shown to the user multiple times and to have that cycle repeat again for that user over their entire lifecycle as a user/customer.


For example, the Qualification Scope below will show the NPS Survey to qualified active users up to 3 times with at least 1 week between views, which gives these users multiple chances to respond to the survey.  And, this surveying cycle will repeat every 6 months (bi-yearly) until the optional # of occurrences (cycles) is reached and/or the Engagement Scheduler end date is reached.



Other things to think about…



As you may have thought about already, this Engagement Audience Logic works great for newly tracked users, all of your active users in fact.  However, it will be less than ideal for users that have an older signUpDate and/or have been tracked by PX over a very long time, since those older, active users will immediately qualify to see the NPS Survey as soon as you launch it, leading to an initial bombardment of NPS Survey responses that will need to be reviewed and processed quickly.  


This is not necessarily a bad thing, but can definitely be improved with additional Engagement configuration and your customer success/support teams will surely appreciate that.



One way that I have recommended to our customers and that works well is to use a "Last NPS Date" (e.g. lastNpsDate) as a Custom User/Account attribute. This date value can be imported into PX from another business system such as CRM, Customer Success, and/or Marketing and will provide much better control for these older users/customers.

For example, after this new data attribute is added to you PX User attributes, your team can include simple Audience Logic to target these older users to see their NPS Survey when lastNpsDate attribute is more than 180 days ago, but still qualify new users as their lastNpsDate attribute would not be available (is not set).  Please do note that the “OR” option is used for this Users Rule logic.



Well, that is all for now, I hope this tip was helpful!  


Please comment with your own experiences and other recommendations so that everyone can benefit!


Happy PX-ing!!!



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