Triggering multi question survey based on CSS Selector

  • 6 March 2024
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We’re attempting to trigger a multi-question survey pop-up once a user receives a “confirmation” dialog box within the application. We previously had this use case working within Pendo by using a CSS selector from within the confirmation dialog box. 

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or could provide advice on another way to do this


Here’s additional context:

Intent is to capture feedback from user on a feature flow right after they have completed using it. 


  1. Upon completing task, user clicks on “publish” button
  2. Clicking “Publish” button could result in error states due to incomplete information from user
    • Hence, we do not want to trigger survey upon Publish button click as it could be premature and will become hindrance to user completing their task
  3. If all fields are successfully filled out, user will get confirmation screen (as shown in attached image)
  4. At this point we would like show user multi-question survey

Again, via Pendo we were able to use CSS selector from the dialog box as a way to trigger the survey. However, we do not see that as an option for Gainsight surveys




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Hello @BevyProduct ,

Gainsight can definitely do this...

Option 1

  1. If the confirmation screen is to remain
  2. If the OK button has a unique css value (associated to the page)
    1. If not, a developer can add a unique css element to the OK button. We use a custom css identifier (data-px) across our products so that it’s clear we (GainsightPX) have an intention with the specifically identified element. For this example, let’s call it data-px=’draftSuccess’.
  3. Head to the Product Mapper and create a mapped feature “Draft Success” and define the specific url.
  4. Each time a person clicks on OK they will create a feature usage event for your reference.
  5. Finally, head over and create your engagement, using the Product Mapper feature as a key element within the engagement Audience rules.

Option 2, my preference:

  1. Setup a custom event to trigger based on the successful completion of the required steps, including the event specifications you want to track.
  2. Then you could go directly to the engagement, within Audience rules, utilize the custom event elements.
    1. This solution is valuable when you don’t have an option for the user to click an OK button to trigger an action.
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@lpicone you nailed it, thank you so much for helping!!!


@BevyProduct Gainsight PX does not perform any analysis/screen-scraping of the content when the screen loads/changes, so what you did with Pendo cannot be used to trigger an Engagement to display with PX. I do think this could be a good Product Idea to post to our PX Community for others to upvote and comment on, plus for our PX Product team to consider for a future release.  


In this use case, there needs to be a Event (url page view, click, or custom event) to trigger the Engagement based on the Engagement Audience Logic you build.  


As @lpicone describes, option #1 should be able to be handled by your PX Admins quickly with limited/no involvement from your development team.  The Engagement will launch upon the user clicking the “OK” button (click event) on the confirmation screen.


Option #2 will require your development team to add a little custom code to your application to create a new PX Custom Event when that confirmation screen is displayed to the user.  The Engagement will launch when the confirmation screen is shown to the user.


The option you choose will be dependent on the user experience you want.


Happy PX-ing!!!

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Thanks for the insight @lpicone Really appreciate it. We’ll take a look at this today and cross our fingers we can make it work. Thanks again