Using webhooks to get KC bot analytics

  • 21 September 2022
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Is it possible to transport analytics data related to KC bot using gainsight webhooks?


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Thanks for posting to PX Community @Souvik SInha !


There is currently no way to transport “general” KC Bot usage data via our PX Webhooks integration.


PX Webhooks can be triggered for both Engagement usage and Feedback submit events.  Both of these events can/will happen while users are using your KC Bot, so this is possible for these use cases.


PX Webhooks can also be triggered for Feature events and it is possible to map a Feature in your Product Map to the user clicking to open and/or close the KC Bot.  Once those user actions are mapped to a Feature, then this is possible too for this use case too.


If there are specific KC Bot actions that you would like our PX Product team to consider as an enhancement, such as knowledge searches and custom article views, then please post that to our Product Ideas section.


Happy PX-ing!


Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to use Gainsight rest APIs to get the required KC bot analaytics data? I actually have a use case where we want to export the data data related to KC bot like number of clicks, number of articles views etc. to heap and data bricks. I didn’t find anything useful in the docs.

Once again thanks for the product mapper idea, I was not aware about it.

Hi @link_black I was trying to map a Feature to the KC bot being opened/closed by the user, but I am unable to do so. Can you tell me how to add a feature to the user clicking to open or close the KC Bot?


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Sure.  To track the user clicking the standard KC Bot icon to open or close…

  1. Add a new Feature to your Product Map
  2. Create a new Tag UI Element rule
  3. Use “#apt-widget-controller” for your CSS selector and the appropriate Scope URL for your application.
  4. Validate your results with your test user and the PX User profile Activities screen 


If you are using our Embedded KC Bot option, then CSS selector will be different and it determined by whatever Element is being used in your application to open or close it. 


To add to this, in a previous tip of the week post I had discussed using the same CSS selector to map a Guide Tooltip step to the KC Bot icon as well.  It is pretty effective AND cool, so do check this out as well.


Happy PX-ing!

Thanks @link_black for the help, I was able to map the feature. I have a follow up on this, is it also possible to create features from within the KC bot using the text element rule? I tried creating one but no event is being fired for it. I am sure of the text but it asks for a css-selector here using inspect I provided css of its parent because it does have a css class of its own. Do you know what might be the problem?


What should be the text and css for the 1st category?


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Sorry, but you cannot currently map a Feature to any clicks within the Knowledge Center bot. PX does not track those click events in a way that can be used by our standard instrumentation options.  


Being able to map these in-KC Bot click events to standard Features seems like a good idea for you to add to our PX Community’s Idea section.