What kind of analytic reporting can be done in Gainsight using the Px data?

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Can we report on power users, most used features etc?


Best answer by harshibanka 15 May 2019, 22:44

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Hi Meenal,

Once you import PX data into Gainsight, you can use it in the Adoption Explorer module. Adoption Explorer has a "Leaderboard" feature which displays a list of top ten items in a category. You can use this feature to get list of power users, top ten used features, and so on.

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It's worth noting Adoption Explorer is a brand new Gainsight feature in limited release which some customers are piloting right now.

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As part of the integration, we’ll provide best practice setup to start leveraging PX data quickly across the followning dimensions:

  • Health Scores: Breadth and Depth of adoption

  • CTA's and Playbooks: Drops/ improved adoption score, etc

  • Email assist: Adoption check-in, improved scrore, etc

  • C360 Sections: Usage by week like total page view, active users, etc

  • Dashboard: Widgets, Line Charts, Tabular reports etc on usage and activity.

Also, like @prashant_mathapathi and @lila_meyer mentioned, we are introducing Adoption Explorer soon in CS, more details on her comment.