Why doesn't the KC bot search result page display relevance of returned results (omits description and highlighted query matches)?

  • 11 October 2021
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When the KC bot is configured to use Search in unified tab, it should show the returned record description the same way Google does in a browser search by highlighting query matches in the title and description. The Gainsight PX documentation shows as much when Search is in it’s separate tab: 


But if Search is in a unified tab then the query matches are not highlighted in the description for linked articles. A description is not visible if the return is from a Google integration. We integrated our Flair help documents using the Google integration service. The screenshot below is how the results show (notice the lack of relevance):


We have other search queries that look more confusing and not at all insightful when the query string doesn't show in any of the results:


Same search query in Google search:


The search results page in KC bot needs to show a description and highlight the query string when it is found in the description. Without this we can not show the user why the results are relevant and makes for a bad experience. We cannot adopt this KC bot design with this flaw, and the unified tab design is the one that works for our product.

Why doesn't the KC bot search result page display relevance of the returned results?

Please advise.


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Hello @amadeo, thank you for your detailed post, having this looked into by our Product Manager who will get back at the earliest.

Hi @Cornelia. Is there a way I can get in touch with the Product Manager? I have received no response yet and I have to give an update on progress to deploy the KC bot. It’s currently blocked in my board due to the aforementioned issue.


Hi @amadeo   Thanks for the feedback. I am just now coming back from my vacation and catching up on the product requests.

I have viewed this request and we will take this up as part of our next release enhancements.


hi @skalle any updates on this request? eta?

Happy holidays!


This has been tagged as “Solved”. Is it solved? 




Thank you for all the details on Searching using the Knowledge Centre Bot. We have done some testing today and found the results returned are not relevant to the Search Term entered. 

We have at least 5 articles that should be displayed when we enter the Search Terms and none of them are displayed. Topics displayed have no relevance to what the customer wants help with. 

Can someone explain what the Search is actually filtering results on when linked to an external Help Centre, as based on our recent finding it would appear the original issues in this post have not been solved as the ticket would suggest? 

@carol.hutchinson Are these articles created in GS? Apparently, search will not find those. See: 

If you are searching from a Knowledge Base, then it sounds like a bug.

We find that anything created in Gainsight displays correctly when customers search. When we linked to a domain for one of our external Knowledge Base it didn’t find the expect results for the search terms entered. 

Our external Knowledge Bases are public and available from Google but upon reviewing some of the help topics from Gainsight again, we are going to review how much of the sites are integrated with Google, as it appears this could be affecting results. 

We have found that the Search returns unexpected results that don’t match the Google search results for that specific domain. We’ve done a lot of testing to check how the topics appear in Google rankings. The Gainsight results to match at all.

This has resulted in a poor customer experience to the point where we have now removed the search facility. This needs to be resolved and soon please

Can someone please provide an update?