Gainsight's April/May 2023 - Q1 Release is LIVE [NXT & SFDC]

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Gainsight is excited to announce the addition of a few much-anticipated features and enhancements that will improve Admin and User experience. 

NXT Updates

The v6.36 release is live in NXT orgs in the EU as of April 29, and for US customers on May 06. Check out the release notes. Some highlights from the NXT release include

  • Horizon Rules Engine: Experience the redesigned Horizon Rules Engine with an intuitive and appealing UI. The new and improved Rules Engine will allow admins to build and understand rules easily with an improved data preparation experience, visual action setup and more. Learn more.
  • Product Requests and Aha! Integration: Gainsight’s Product Requests feature and Aha! applications are now integrated bi-directionally. Information will flow seamlessly between Gainsight and Aha! application with this integration making it easier for Product Managers, who use the Aha! application, to collaborate with Customer Success Managers and prioritize customer enhancement requests. Learn more.
    IMPORTANT: This feature will be available on or before May 12, 2023.
  • CS-inSided Integration: The Gainsight platform will enable customers to integrate Gainsight CS with inSided to exchange information bi-directionally.  This will allow Product Owners to gather information about their products directly from their community driving customer success. 
    Consumers of C360 will be able to access important data points, insights, and analytics from Community as standard widgets or as inputs to existing metrics.
  • Unification for Scalable Person Merge: This new feature (open BETA) will make it easy to identify the same Company and Person records. The records that are being used across multiple data sources can be unified into a single record. This will help resolve issues such as data duplication and insufficient data that result in incorrect data analysis leading to inaccurate reports.
    Note: The name of the feature can change. Learn more.
  • Gainsight-to-Hubspot Data Sync via Rules: Data synchronization between Hubspot and Gainsight CS will be possible via Rules Engine. This will help both Sales and Customer Service teams have access to the same data. HubSpot CRM admins can continue to ingest data from objects like Company, Contact, Deals, and Engagements after activating HubSpot connector. This can be done with the help of jobs. Using Gainsight's Load to HubSpot action, admins can also return data back into HubSpot objects. Learn more.
  • Connect Multiple PX Subscriptions to a CS Instance: Customers may use several PX subscriptions for different products they offer. They can manage and track product usage insights for all their PX subscriptions from a single CS subscription. This helps to streamline the process of product metric tracking of multiple products. Learn more.


SDFC Updates


All SFDC Edition customers can now access the enhancements included in this release. Despite the non-deployment of version 6.36, all changes are applicable in version 6.35.1. Please note that version 6.35.1 has already been pushed to all customers who opted in for the auto-upgrade.

Check out the release notes. Some highlights from the SFDC release include:

  • Account Based Forecasting Reports for Executives: The Executive Dashboard for Net Retention will be available for Executive CSMs. The dashboard will display all account-based forecasting metrics in the form of charts and graphs. Visualizing risks and opportunities will help executives make informed business decisions in a minimum amount of time. Learn more. 
    IMPORTANT:  Only available to tenants who have purchased Renewal Center as an add-on.
  • Customers' Email Replies No Longer Threaded Together: CSMs sending bulk emails from Email Assist or Journey Orchestrator will receive email replies from each recipient as a separate thread. This will help the CSMs to keep track of the email replies received from different customers. 

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Training & Certification

Important release update: Aha! integration is delayed by one business day and will be deployed on Monday, May 15th. 

Now a bi-directional sync between Hubspot CRM and Gainsight CS