Generative AI is HERE! Experience the Future of Customer Success

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Generative AI is HERE! Experience the Future of Customer Success

Gainsight first announced Horizon AI back in 2021 and we haven’t looked back. In fact, we’ve continued to double down and push the boundaries to make Horizon AI more - more tangible, meaningful and effective for our users. Today, we’re introducing new AI capabilities: Meeting Assist, Takeaways, and Cheat Sheet.


To learn more about these features, watch the recording and read the Q&A from our customer webinar!


With Meeting Assist, skip the mundane and time consuming tasks of taking & transcribing customer call notes into Gainsight. Automatically generate an AI-powered summary of your calls, create Tasks instantly for recommended follow up actions, as well as gather pre-identify risks. Available today for Gong.io calls, with future integrations coming soon. See it in action below!



Leverage Takeaways to surface an aggregated summary of recurring customer feedback and opinions, automatically searching and summarizing customer insights from survey responses as well as Timeline entries. View key themes, positive and negative sentiment, and drill into specific responses to better focus your team's efforts. Check it out below!



Use your trusty Cheat Sheet to get a quick look at your customer’s key data points, including an overall summary recap, renewal discussion insights, strategic priorities, key projects, and more surfaced from all the customer data in your Timeline. Catch up on newly assigned customers, clue in an executive to critical customer data, or just refresh your memory with ease. See it yourself!


We’re Putting the Control in Your Hands

Your security and privacy is paramount. That’s why we’re releasing built-in controls that give your admins the ability to toggle generative AI on or off. These features will not be automatically turned on.


Visit the Horizon AI settings page under Administration and just flip the switch to unleash the power of Horizon AI today!


Is this supposed to be live/available now as I don’t see anything in our instance: 



Hello @HollySimmons! Our EU/US2 data center will receive the update overnight tonight, so it should be available to you VERY shortly! I apologize on behalf of our teams for the delay - they ran into some unexpected issues during deployment that resulted in a small delay to EU/US2. 

Access was enabled for everyone as of Wednesday night. Just want to make sure you’re all good to go @HollySimmons

Yesterday we hosted our customer webinar on these features, to view the recording and read up on the biggest questions asked live, check out the community post here