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Hubspot & Gainsight: A Perfect Pair

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Hubspot & Gainsight: A Perfect Pair

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Hubspot & Gainsight: A Perfect Pair 🤝


If your organization uses Hubspot CRM, then we've got an exciting announcement for you! Gainsight has made a significant enhancement to our HubSpot Connector, improving how your teams can sync data bi-directionally between Gainsight and Hubspot. This update expands the number of objects supported by the integration, adds new bi-directional flows, and keeps your teams up to speed on customer activity across your tech stack.


Check it out for yourself in the quick video below 👇



Use this enhancement to:

  1. Improve Data Hygiene: Deep, bi-directional sync eliminates data gaps, making it easier for your teams to share crucial customer data. This paves the way for maximizing customer retention and expansion.
  2. Empower Go-to-Market Collaboration: Seamlessly push data into HubSpot, sharing critical metrics like NPS, customer sentiment, health scores, risks, plans and insights. Customer Success Managers and Account Managers can strategically plan outreach sequences, backed by account health, sentiment, and renewal insights. Your go-to-market teams can proactively strategize renewals, bolstering gross revenue retention.
  3. Enhance Productivity: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams can stay focused on their respective systems of record, without missing a beat. The integration offers bi-directional visibility into notes, emails, and other customer touch points across both systems, keeping teams informed and aligned. 


Activate the Connector

Get started by reviewing documentation from Gainsight related to configuration of the HubSpot Connector, and install the connector in your Gainsight instance via: Administration -> Connectors 2.0 -> Connections -> Create New Connection.


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We're excited to see the new HubSpot Connector make our customers workflows easier, and cross-functional efforts more successful. Let us know how you are leveraging the new connector in the comments!

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