inSpired ideation review Q2 2022

inSpired ideation review Q2 2022

While Q3 is already underway and the summer holiday season is close to an end, we’d like to look together at the great things we’ve released in Q2! 🙌

This review aims to highlight what has changed on the inSided platform in the last quarter based on the ideas that you have submitted, voted for, and which you contributed to with use cases and needs.


Quick stats for inSpired ideas in Q2 2022 

  • 6 ideas delivered :rocket:
  • 79 new ideas created :bulb: 
  • 28 votes delivered :dizzy:
  • 527 votes added :heartpulse:

A quick reminder of how we, the product team at inSided, work with the ideas posted on the inSpired ideation board. Every 2 weeks we review the newly added ideas and moderate them, meaning we’re changing the status to either open, if the idea is aligned with our vision, or closed, if it is something we don’t see a good fit, we merge duplicate ideas, and reply in the idea threads with questions for additional details, insights and use cases. Every 12 weeks we review our rolling roadmap and adjust it as needed, where the inSpired ideas and additional customer feedback plays a very important role in prioritising roadmap items, and according to our product strategy for the upcoming 12 months. 

Would you like your community to also make use of customer ideation & feedback but are unsure where to start or how to get your product team involved? I’d be more than happy to connect with you and see how we could help! 


As always, we’re deeply grateful to all of you for the valuable insights and taking the time to talk & share feedback with our team! 🙏


Ideas we delivered


The following 6 ideas you submitted on inSpired have been delivered, with a total of 28 votes delivered in Q2 2022. 


If you’re thinking 6 ideas are not as many as you would have liked or hoped for, we feel you and agree completely! As much as we would love to close lots and lots of votes every quarter, realistically this is not always possible. This Q2 was filled with technical debt payments, preparations for the exciting things announced in our latest roadmap update [do check it out 😉], and much needed alignment & planning for connecting the inSided product with Gainsight’s CS product. 

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