Integrations Galore!

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Integrations Galore!


The true magic of inSided stems from our powerful integrations. Leveraging these key connections, you can create a customer hub that centralizes all of your customer resources in one place, making it easy for your users to find everything they need. 


This is why we are excited to announce that we’ve built multiple new integrations and made some essential enhancements that will enable you to take your customer hub to the next level.


What’s New?


Intercom Integration

The new native Intercom integration has two main capabilities. Using Federated Search, your customers can seamlessly search for Intercom Help Center content right from your inSided hub. Using the new Create an Intercom Conversation button, you can quickly escalate inSided community posts to Intercom conversations. This will help your customers receive quicker one-on-one help, streamline your support workflows, and improve cross-functional collaboration between your customer-facing teams.


For more information on enabling these integrations, check out these articles:


Thought Industries Federated Search

Our new Federated Search integration for Thought Industries allows your community members to simultaneously search through your community content and your Thought Industries courses, providing a single place to access all of your educational and support information.


To set up Federated Search for Thought Industries, follow these steps. 


Salesforce Federated Search Enhancements

We’ve updated the Federated Search capabilities with Salesforce. You can now pull in the knowledge content that you publish on your custom domain using Salesforce cloud experiences. This also allows you to aggregate content that is gated behind a login wall in your customer hub, for example, the content that you enabled only for specific groups of users on your SFDC customer or partner channels.


For details on how to use new setup options, follow the steps in this article. 


Zapier Integration Enhancements

Our Zapier integration enables you to securely trigger workflows based on community activities and connect other apps to trigger behaviors on inSided. With this enhancement, you no longer longer need to store API credentials in Zapier in order to use the API, making it immensely safer and more secure. 


The enhancements also provide extended functionality because you are not limited by the inbuilt Zapier events. For example, you can push poll results into your analytics platform or you can automatically sync and update user profile information with your entire software ecosystem. The possibilities are endless! Need some inspiration? Check out a few of our templates and use case examples.


Follow this article for help setting up the Zapier integration.


We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any questions or comments about our integrations? Are you thinking of really neat ways to use this new Zapier integration? We’d love to hear all about it! Add a comment below.

The API Action addition to Zapier Actions is a great improvement! Not only does it make things easier to set up, but it eliminates tasks from your Zaps and cuts down on Zapier task consumption limits. 

As a frequent user of Zapier with Insided, my recommendation to others is to look beyond the prebuilt actions because anything you can do via the API, you can do with Zapier. And now it’s much easier!


If we were already a user of the Zapier x inSided integration, is there anything I need to do in the Zapier backend in order to activate the enhancements mentioned above? Or is it automatically updated?

@Daniele Cmty it’s already there. There’s a new prebuilt “Api Action” action for Insided. 

Older Zaps are not updated if you have API actions using other methods like Webhooks for Zapier.