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NEW! Through-Partner Customer Success

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NEW! Through-Partner Customer Success

Are channel or ecosystem partners part of your company's go-to-market strategy? Gainsight has long promoted the idea of customer success via partners, and with Through-Partner Customer Success functionality in Gainsight CS, has now made it a whole lot easier. 


So, what is Through-Partner Customer Success?

Through-Partner CS allows your partners to become a key part of your CS function. Gainsight Admins can now onboard and configure partner users in Gainsight CS, easily setting permissions for which customer data and which Gainsight CS features partner users can see and access. Leveraging this functionality, partners can now make both big and small impacts on your CS function, including: 

  • Supporting localized customer success delivery
  • Driving adoption of products and services in diverse markets
  • Expanding breadth and depth of customer relationships
  • Adding deeper insights and data inputs into customer health scores


Learn more about Through-Partner capabilities and common business use cases here, and read on for some of the key highlights.


Partner Access Control

Maintain tight data accessibility and visibility controls on a per partner basis. 


Learn more about setup and configuration of Through-Partner Customer Success here



Securely exchange data and insights with partners to establish a joint view of the customer. 


Trigger CTAs and workflows to engage and involve partners in CS touchpoints.



Add more insights to customer notes and health scores, creating robust data sets to support contract renewal and identify expansion opportunities. 



Through-Partner Customer Success bridges the gap between vendors and their customers who are managed directly by, or in collaboration with, Partners. You can now expand the impact of your customer success strategy in order to drive successful outcomes for customers, and ultimately growth for your business. 


Talk to your Gainsight representative to learn more about adding partner users licenses!


Wonder if anyone on here has a team of Partner Success Manager? I would love to connect and chat through key learnings together.

Hi Zoe. Are you looking to collaborate with a PSM Leader or a PSM?

Hi @jcampos either! I lead a small team of 2 PSMs but would be interested to connect with a PSM or PSM leader :)