Roadmap Update 27

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Roadmap Update 27

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first roadmap update of the new fiscal year! We’re taking a moment to celebrate everything we achieved last year, reset goals, and brainstorm ways to improve. One constant bright spot through all of these discussions is YOU - our amazing customers! Thank you for your collaboration, ideas, feedback, and support! We hope that our roadmap continues to be a reflection of everything you need to run engaging and growing communities.

Before we dive into the roadmap, let’s take a look at some of the features and enhancements we released since our last update.


Recently Released


​​​​​​New Feature: Community Overview Page

The brand new Community Overview page makes your community easier to navigate and engage with while freeing up your homepage to be a true hub for your customers. Enabling the Community Overview Page allows you to have both a homepage that acts as a launch pad for your users, as well as a captivating Community Overview page to easily browse community content.


New Feature: The Hub Homepage

Turn your community into a customer hub using the Homepage! The Homepage centralizes your customer resources and provides a single success destination for your users to improve the customer experience and increase engagement.

JaVi18b5WbW1pK1-wiKvAgmTqpfj_7HLR5wmFaamMUCGrw0ysbABgoH6Z7HYU1yba0RCCKb24dOBO9Nuwl596WeFfAPAEWhblvH0hXZ-VewBY9ZvZ4ZMtVs2eeiti70lcM8qZ3L5xgRTXuiuifxDHcoNew Dashboard: Q&A Dashboard

Gain a clear picture of community/Q&A engagement with the new Q&A Dashboard, formally known as the Success Dashboard. This new dashboard focuses solely on the Community/Q&A module, ensuring that the most relevant Q&A metrics are surfaced in the same dashboard. With this dashboard, you can see the number of questions asked and answered and high-level metrics including average response time. We’ve already made a few enhancements since the launch of the new dashboard - for detailed information, check out this Product Update.


​​​​​​New Integration: Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot Connection

inSided and Gainsight PX customers can now make content more accessible and seamless by adding searchable articles, such as FAQs and best practices, directly into your in-app knowledge center bot. Maximize the impact of your community by augmenting existing in-app content with community articles to create more powerful user experiences, instantly connect your users to each other, and provide a space for them to respond and ask deeper questions about your product.

Enhancement: Thought Industries Content Filtering

We added new capabilities to our integration with Thought Industries that enables moderators and administrators to filter the content that is pulled into your inSided community. Using the new custom query, you can now filter content from directly within your community, which provides additional control and flexibility.


Now let’s dive into what we are working on next!




Custom Pages

Status: Closed Beta

Flexibility and customization are key to building successful customer communities that support your company. Every community will look different, feel different, and have different requirements which is why we’re building Custom Pages. Custom Pages will allow you to create the dedicated landing experiences you need for your business. For example, persona-specific landing pages or promotional pages for large events.


Dynamic Content Widget

Status: Closed Beta

The dynamic content widget allows community managers to dynamically display relevant content throughout their community. Easily promote your newest content piece or surface hot topics and discussions using content filters and sorting options. Leverage the widget to bring your content to life and boost engagement and interaction across your customer hub.


Custom Drop-Down Menus

Status: Candidate

The custom drop-down menu feature allows community managers to change the configuration of the drop-down menu (mega-menu) as per their own requirements. This will serve as an extension to custom pages, giving customers the ability to add custom pages in the header or drop-down.


Moderation & User Management


Create and save user segments

Status: Open Beta

The Segments feature allows you to apply filters on the User overview to identify groups of interest and save them as a segment. The Segments feature helps you to get better insights into how your community population is distributed among your segments (eg. power users), as well as show areas for improvement (eg. users that haven’t joined groups). Soon you’ll also be able to use segments as a way to automate email campaigns and create personalized journeys. To opt into the open beta, go to Control → Settings → Experimental Features.


Engagement Tools


One-off and Automated Email Campaigns

Status: Closed Beta

We’re currently working hard on our new Email Campaigns feature to both expand its use cases (to allow for automated targeted emails), as well as move it into an open beta phase for broader access. This feature will give you the tools to better engage with your community members (eg. send community digests, promote events, etc.) as well as set up onboarding flows and reactivation campaigns.


Use segments in email campaigns

Status: Technical Design

Apart from the filters we currently offer to build an audience in Email Campaigns (role, last activity, registration date), we’ll also allow you to address the segments you’ve created in the Segments page as a way to set up automated email campaigns. For instance, you can automatically reach out to your new users that haven’t joined a group within 30 days of joining, to try to increase group adoption.


Updates to Event creation and management

Status: Development

As events take an increasingly larger role in your community and CS strategy, so grows the need to offer a more robust and scalable Events solution. That’s why we’ll be making event creation and management a lot smoother and more efficient, by allowing you to save events as a draft, schedule them in the future, preview events, and duplicate events.


Improved Destination experience for Events

Status: Technical Design

We’ll be bringing customization mode to Events, so you can customize this page with additional widgets, callouts, banners, etc. We’ll also bring the Events overview more in line with the Product Updates overview by adding filtering options and pagination. 




Gainsight CS + inSided Connector

Status: Development

Leveraging a seamless connector between Gainsight CS and inSided, you’ll be able to surface valuable community metrics directly into the Gainsight C360 dashboard. This data can be used to influence health scores, identify at-risk accounts, gauge product sentiment, and collect real-time feedback from end users.


Integrations with Intercom 

Status: Development

Our new integration with Intercom is coming very soon! There are two main components to this integration. 

  1. Federated Search: With federated search, your customers can seamlessly search for Intercom Help Center content right from your inSided hub.

  2. Create conversation in Intercom: Easily escalate inSided community posts to Intercom conversations to help customers receive quicker one-on-one help. Connect inSided and Intercom to streamline your support workflows and improve cross-functional collaboration between your customer-facing teams.


Updated Federated Search Integration with Salesforce

Status: Development

We are updating our federated search capabilities with Salesforce to pull in knowledge base articles from custom domains. This will enable you to maintain their knowledge base article structure and display through Salesforce, and still allow users to find this content directly in your community.



What do you think?

We are always open to feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Thanks @Jessica.Quazza! Super excited for the custom pages. Is there a timeframe for the phase beyond closed beta, will that be a more open beta?

I’ve been checking the inSided Community every day to see when Custom Pages would arrive! I’ve emailed our account manager about getting into the closed beta, since we’ve been super excited about this feature.

It would help us tremendously, as we have a lot of content that is organized in a forum-specific manner, which isn’t ideal at all. We’d also love to highlight content from the rest of the company, without needing to create full-blown topics just to showcase them.

🤞 we can get into this beta!

Woo-hoo! Lot of excitement updates in here.

@ryanne.perry @nicksimard love to hear that you are both excited about Custom Pages! I’m tagging our Product Manager @Sudhanshu to chime in here 😊

Same here, I’m refreshing the product updates on a timeloop to stay posted about the custom pages 😉

All really great. I’m looking forward to email campaigns, custom pages and federated search on custom domain Salesforce KB.
Is there any indication in timelines for these features that you can give? Thanks

Custom pages en e-mail campains. Such powerful tools. Can’t wait for those.

I'm really looking forward to the various customization options currently listed as being in closed beta. Any idea when they will move to open beta/release?

@Jessica.Quazza can you please explain what “Candidate” status means?

Custom Drop-Down Menus

Status: Candidate


Hi all, great to see the excitement around the planned features! Custom pages and dynamic content widget are planned to be launched in Q1.

@DannyPancratz Candidate means it’s in early stages of investigation and we are planning to work on it soon.

What is the release timeline/expectation for the Gainsight CS + inSided Connector?

Hi @zpeach! The Gainsight CS + inSided Connector is a big priority for us. We are working hard to release it within the first half of the year. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as it is available.

What an amazing update! So many cool things here, folks! :D 

Please join us today for a live walk through this amazing Update!! 



@Alistair FIeld 
I registered for the webinar but unfortunately could not attend. Was it recorded? 

Please join us today for a live walk through this amazing Update!! 



Is it possible to see the recording later on?

Hi @revote@Hannah Bailey  et al,


yes indeed. I attached it directly to the event, or you can find it here.


Thank you for sharing the webinar recording.

I have 1 question around Event privacy.

Our ambition is to bring all events under the Community umbrella, including events for only community users (requiring SSO) but also events for prospective customers.

Since the community page will change to be like the Product Updates page, I know I can change the privacy of that sign page so it will be public. This is great.

On an individual event level, can selected events be hidden based on the sign in status of the user? Or would I have to make clear in the title of the event, who it is for.

Thank you


Hi team, are there any tentative ETAs about the delivery of  “Improved Destination experience for Events”? Target was Q1 2023, but I guess it got a little bit delayed - which I can totally understand.
Still, if you do have any appproximate news, please let me know :)


@Ian Ferguson although we won’t be adding these types of permissions to the event content type, what we will be adding are filters that can be applied based on the event type. These event types can be configured to be whatever makes the most sense for your community members e.g. ‘Webinar’, ‘In person’ and ‘Hybrid’, or ‘Spanish’, ‘English’ etc. In this way, users can filter on what is most relevant to them. A small caveat that at this stage, filters will only work on one level and won’t be able to be combined.

Let me know if this answers your question?


@Daniele Cmty Yes unfortunately the engineering team were stalled by some finishing touches that needed to be made for the Email Campaign feature, to ensure it was ready for opt-in beta. Now, we will be working on these event improvements over April so you can expect these improvements to be delivered over the coming 2 months. The ‘improved destination experience for events’ that you mentioned is being prioritised first so I hope this will be available in early May 🤞

Totally understandable. Thank you so much for the info, @olimarrio !

We would LOVE for the Dynamic Content widget to be spiffed up. If it could even look like your screenshot, that would be fantastic. As it stands, it’s of not much use. We can’t choose categories or tags, there’s only one layout option, and we can’t even sort by most recent (I would think that’d be the most obvious option). 

In a perfect world:

  • multiple layout options (and for cards, decide how many columns)
  • A number of most recent posts to skip, so if you wanted 6 cards and then a different widget in list view, you could tell the list widget to skip the 6 most recent.
  • choose content by tags and/or categories...heck moderator tags too
  • add sorting by publish date, and make all the date-based options have ascending and descending
  • choose dates/date ranges for content to show up/be hidden. Maybe we know that something should no longer show up after May 23rd, so we set that on the widget and it’s just hidden when the date arrives. And vice versa, show the item when a date arrives (great for product updates)

At a minimum, please and thank you 😁:

  • Sort by most recent
  • Add ability to use tags/categories to filter content

Hey @nicksimard 👋,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I’m pleased to say the Dynamic Content Widget will be getting spiffed up very soon.

Most of what you described is already planned under the improvements we want to do. For instance, sort by/filter on published date, the list component, filtering by tags or categories are all planned.

We’re planning (please bear in mind this can be subject to change) to have these implemented by the start of next quarter (July for us). 

Hi when will Custom Drop-Down Menus be available please? The mega menu option we have is not ideal. 

Hi when will Custom Drop-Down Menus be available please? The mega menu option we have is not ideal. 

@Jessica.Quazza, @Sudhanshu - Custom dropdown menus badly missed.

cc @Anitahg