Customer Success Operations Training & Certification Available Now!

  • 29 April 2023
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Customer Success Operations Training & Certification Available Now!
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Are you looking to hone your skills in Customer Success Operations? Or, is your organization thinking about how to stand up a new CS Ops function? Gainsight’s industry-recognized Pulse+ subscription now includes training and certification for those who are new or looking to up level their CS Ops skills. You'll learn from CS experts and gain access to a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the lifecycle of a CS Ops journey, to optimizing the tech stack and tooling, to data analysis and insights.

The Customer Success Operations Certified Professional Learning Path covers:

  • Elements of CS Ops: Building the Elements Triangle

  • Lifecycle of a CS Ops Journey

  • Customer Success Strategy

  • Outcomes for CS Ops: Early Stages

  • Outcomes for CS Ops: Mature Organizations

  • Defining Process, Roles, and Responsibilities

  • Optimizing Tech Stack and Tooling

  • Working with Data and Analysis

  • Composing Your Own Operating Rhythms

  • CS Ops: Change Management

  • CS Enablement

  • How CS Ops Contributes to Scaling CS

  • Digital-Enabled Efforts in Customer Success Operations

  • Certification Exam (30 multiple choice questions)

Each of the elearning modules above contain interactive lessons, videos with featured CS Ops guests (thanks to @matthew_lind @sonamdabholkar @edgar_ramirez @emiliadanzica @seth), knowledge check questions, downloadable templates, and practical exercises.

The flexible on-demand format allows learners to complete the 6-7 hours of training at their own pace and on their own schedule. Subscribers can access the program from anywhere, and gain the skills needed to stand out in a competitive job market. Whether you're just starting out in your career or looking to take your skills to the next level, our program is the perfect choice.

Pulse+ is an all-inclusive annual membership that includes the following courses and certificates:

  • Customer Success Certified Professional (Level 1)

  • Advanced Customer Success Certified Professional (Level 2)

  • Customer Success Leader Certified Professional (Level 3)

  • Customer Success Operations Certified Professional  (NEW!)

Sign up for Pulse+ with the following special offers, before they expire on June 1st:

  • Individual: save 15% off our regularly-priced $900 subscription with code pulsepluslaunch-15

  • 2 to 10 people: save 35% with code spring2023-take35 & pay only $585 per annual membership!

  • 11 - 20 people: save 40% with code spring2023-take40 & pay only $540 per annual membership!

  • 21 - 30 people: save 45% with code spring2023-take45 & pay only $495 per annual membership!

  • 31+ people: save 50% with code spring2023-take50 & pay only $450 per annual membership!

Subscribe to Pulse+ today and take the next step towards advancing your career in Customer Success!

Contact for an order form, or if you have any questions!


P.S. Visit to see a free preview of the platform, including one free module in each of the four courses. And, we’ll be hosting a webinar on May 23rd to share a walkthrough of the platform, and some CS Ops learnings - registration details coming soon!

9 replies

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I must say I love this!!!
Went to preview the courses, but I can’t find the CS Ops path ☹️


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Liked It! 🤠 Excited! 

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I must say I love this!!!
Went to preview the courses, but I can’t find the CS Ops path ☹️


@romihache Because I have a bit (just a bit) of behind-the-scenes information, I know the Pulse+ team does intend to offer a preview of the CS Ops course. They are aware that it’s not appearing here, and they are working on it.

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Thanks for the intel @matthew_lind!!!
Can’t wait to sneak a peek at what’s out there 🤩

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@romihache Matthew is correct - the CS Ops preview will be available asap!

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Hey @lila_meyer,

Are there plans to offer the CS Ops learning path as an a-la-carte, outwith Pulse+?

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@Stuart Not at this time. We are offering discounts though, and IMHO, the CS Ops training and cert are well worth it! 😉

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The CS Ops course preview is available now for non-subscribers at!



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 ? The CS Ops certification badge is now available for our profiles on the Community.

Let us know if you have completed this course and we’ll have them your way!