Gainsight Admin Interview: Victoria Barry - Defining Success

  • 21 July 2023
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Victoria Barry @victoria_peeker_barry just started a new position as Director of CS Ops, so I was lucky to sit down with her recently to discuss her journey into CS Ops, and her perspective on some of the latest trends!

Check out the video below to hear more about how:

  • CS Ops is a cross functional role; you have the opportunity to partner with lots of different teams across your organization
  • Leveraging Gainsight means there’s always a chance to evolve and innovate due to ongoing product enhancements and your company’s need to rollout the next set of workflows
  • Digitization in CS is about figuring how the CS team can provide a personal touch but in a 1:many or digitized way
  • ChatGPT is great for drafting email templates, but she’s also excited about AI tools for assessing customer sentiment more frequently than NPS surveys



But I saved my favorite tip for last: “Success is when the rest of the company is looking at CSM data in Gainsight.” 😍

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