Gainsight Admin Profile - Rachana Shastry: Making an Impact

  • 6 October 2022
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Gainsight Admin Profile - Rachana Shastry: Making an Impact
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@rachana.shastry is a Customer Success Specialist and has been the Gainsight Admin at Zyte for about 6 months. Prior to that, she implemented about 40 different companies on Gainsight’s CS solution as a consultant at our partner Wigmore. (It was about 18 months ago that she also earned her Level 3 Admin certification.) With all this experience, I was eager to talk with Rachana about how she found her way into CS Ops, and why it continues to excite and challenge her.

Rachana started her career as a Web Developer, before moving into a Data Analyst role, and eventually finding her way into Customer Success. All along, she’s had a passion for technology and data, but it’s only since joining CS that she’s had the opportunity to merge that with her desire to make a tangible impact on the business. 

As a data analyst, I didn’t know how the reports I built, for example, were going to be used or what impact they would have. As a Gainsight Admin, I get to see the actions and end results… it’s actually making sense, what are the strategies, what do I need to implement.


Tune in to our conversation below to hear more about her journey and lessons learned along the way!



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