Gainsight Admin Profile - Sarah Miracle: Well-Earned Credibility

  • 17 October 2022
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Gainsight Admin Profile - Sarah Miracle: Well-Earned Credibility
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At our most recent All Hands meeting, hundreds of Gainsight employees heard about the career of a Gainsight Admin from Sarah Miracle (@sarahmiracle) , Gainsight Adoption Manager at Newsela.

Her interviewers came from the CS and Product teams:

  • Seth Wylie, Director of CS Ops & Admin Community (@seth)
  • Denise Stokowski, Group VP, Platform & PX Products (@dstokowski)

Thank you, Sarah, for being so generous with your experience and expertise!


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0:00 Sarah, tell us about yourself!

How did Sarah transition into this career?

“I became a CSM at a different Denver startup. Very scrappy. I was employee number 16, one of two CSMs, and so I got to really build Customer Success processes from scratch. And I think that's what gave me a lot of credibility.”


What does Sarah do in her role, and how?

“There's always someone else who has done it, who has faced a similar challenge, who has needed to implement a similar initiative. And so I often lean on other community members, other Gainsight admins to understand their experiences, their use cases, and then see how that applies to what we're doing at Newsela.”


Where is Sarah’s career path leading her next?

“I want to continue being that bridge between the business and technology, to help the business understand how technology can support them in their initiatives and also vice versa: how the business can support the technology and where we're taking the tech at Newsela.”


How did Sarah’s capabilities and role grow along with earning Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Gainsight Admin Certification?

“Starting with the Level 1 was a way just to build my foundational credibility of, I'm supposed to be the Gainsight advocate here, and I know what I'm talking about. I have my Level 1 Certification, I'm kind of dipping my toes in, but I'm maybe not a full admin yet.”


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One of the things that I was happy to hear is how Sarah felt the admin certification levels mirrored her own admin knowledge and skill development. 🤗

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Always been in awe of @sarahmiracle & the insightful discussions she brings to the community.
This has all just gotten even more inspiring for me. 🙌🏼