NEW! Practice Exercises for Gainsight Admins

  • 10 August 2022
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Calling all Gainsight Admins! We’ve released a great new resource that can help take your Gainsight administration skills further. 

We've selected several core capabilities for practice that will help you build the muscles required to be a successful Gainsight Administrator. This new workbook of exercises are based on processes and workflows that real-world admins have been asked to build. 

With this workbook, you’ll be able to practice:

  • Triggering CTAs
  • Refining Your C360 & Timeline Setup
  • Building a Health Score
  • Data and Reporting
  • Managing Users
  • Journey Orchestrator Simple Programs
  • Creating and Sending NPS Surveys using JO
  • Rules Engine Troubleshooting

Check it out today!

Gainsight Administrator Practice Exercises

7 replies

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These exercises are a great resource for new and aspiring Admins, as well as for Admins who may not have used a particular feature before (eg. Journey Orchestrator or Surveys) and want to get some practice. 


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I am thrilled that we have these!! So many folks have asked me how they can actually start to use their admin knowledge as they’re starting to learn Gainsight, but they aren’t sure what to actually build to get their hands dirty. (I’ve also heard something similar from long-time admins who want to feel that they truly understand some areas of the tool where they haven’t done much work.) This will change the entire experience of learning to be an admin.

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This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together, Gainsight team.

I love to see training and education, especially on more advanced topics, becoming more available to continue to grow the skillset and knowledge of administrators on all levels. Growing and sharing our problem-solving expertise is great for our industry and our community.

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Also shout out to @TMaier , @travis_floyd , @keith_mattes, @mendisueshort and @Zsiegert for their time and contributions to this!

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It’s very detailed and explaining Why/What/How, love it!
Thanks for this awesome resource!

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Hello - Are these still available?

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You find the Practice Exercises here: