NXT Admin Certification Available Now

  • 27 May 2020
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NXT Admin Certification Available Now
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Become a Gainsight Certified Administrator for NXT! And if you're on SFDC Edition, get ahead of the upgrade curve by getting certified now.

To help you prepare, check out our Study Guide. Questions? Check out our FAQ or email training@gainsight.com

All the resources you need to prepare for the Gainsight Administrator Certification for NXT: 

  • One-pager: why get certified, exam format, etc.
  • Study Guide: resources to help you prepare for the exam
  • Practice test: free practice test to familiarize yourself with item format and level of difficulty
  • FAQ: common questions about the certification process
  • Slide for presentation to your execs or interested participants

Please note, we are no longer offering SFDC edition certification. More information on the validity of your certification, and how to prepare for the NXT certification are available in the FAQ attached above.

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