How To Configure User Profile Fields

  • 6 February 2018
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User profile fields help you get to know your members. Add these fields to gather and store additional information about your community members, like their favourite record of the 60s, the date they completed the Hippie trail, or their favourite style of meditation.

How To Configure User Profile Fields

  1. Go to Control  Settings User → User Profile Fields and click ‘Add Profile Field’.
  2. Choose the ‘Field type’ (in what format do you want users to provide data?).
  3. In the Options section, provide mandatory key information about your field (like the Title); some options will vary based on the field type (e.g. choices for single/multi-select, placeholders, character length).
  4. Set the ‘Visibility after registration’ of the field (Public, Private, Hidden) to determine who on the community may view this field on any given member’s profile on the frontend.
  5. Choose whether the field should be shown to users during Registration, and whether the field should be Required (i.e., the user must fill it out).
  6. Hit ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done.

After creating a user profile field, you can’t edit the 'Field type'. If you made a mistake with the Field type, then you’ll have to delete the field and create a new one.


  • Other than the 'Field type', you can always edit any of the other options you set up once you've created a field.
  • Suppose you have a field ‘Favourite music festival’ that is not a ‘Registration’ field, but is ‘Required’. This means the ‘Favourite music festival’ field will appear on the user’s profile settings page. If the user wants to change anything in their profile settings, then they’ll need to fill in their ‘Favourite music festival’ as well.
  • Data from these fields is available in the User Export. Mine that data!
  • It’s possible to create a field that is shown/required on registration but only visible to moderators after registration. To view this field in the UI, you must view the user’s profile in Control.

2 replies

If I as the Community Admin set the visibility of a user’s profile field to public, do they have the ability to change that to private if they want to?

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The global settings dictate visibility.

On a usr by user basis the cannot toggle visibility.

There is an idea open that you can add your voice to!