Crafting Success: The Art of Creating Strategic Customer Success Plans & Verified Outcomes

  • 22 April 2024
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I am so excited to be speaking at Pulse this year alongside Nicole Belanger, a Customer Success Manager at Gainsight! 


Nicole and I will be speaking on the topic of Success Plans and how you can use them to drive towards customer verified outcomes! Come join us in our session Putting Customers First: Success Planning and Verified Outcomes, on May 15th at 11:15am CT  to discuss the Value Realization Program, getting started with success planning and best practices around verifying outcomes. 


If you’re new to using Success Plans or want to get better at managing them with your customers to help drive value, this is the session for you! 


Can’t wait to see you in St. Louis!! 



6 replies

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Whoop whoop! 😍

Moving this to our All About Pulse area for more eyes!

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Sounds Interesting! All the very best and Looking forward to it!! @ekennedy 

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Absolutely thrilled for this event! 'm excited to see what unfolds! @ekennedy🎉

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Success Plans are such a crucial tool in the realm of Customer Success, and discussing how to effectively use them to drive towards customer-verified outcomes is invaluable. Can’t wait to here more details from you @ekennedy and Nicole 🙂

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Looking forward to this exciting session!

What strategies or guidance would you advise for effectively scaling success plans?