Key elements to driving value through strategic calls

  • 31 October 2023
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Are you tired of routine customer calls that seem to lead nowhere and lack the excitement of generating real value? Are you looking to transform these interactions into meaningful opportunities to establish yourself as a trusted strategic consultant in the eyes of your clients? If so, you won't want to miss my session below:


🚀 Event Details: Pulse Europe, Amsterdam

📅 Date: 15th November, 202

🕒 Time: 11:50 - 12:30 

📍 Location: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam



In this insightful session, I will delve into the strategies and methods that will empower you to turn every customer call into an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Here's what you can expect to gain:


✅ Key Insights: Discover the essential insights to effectively prepare for each customer interaction, ensuring that you're ready to provide value every time.

✅ Strategic Consultation: Learn how to position yourself as a strategic consultant in the eyes of your clients, earning their trust and becoming an indispensable partner in their success.

✅ Practical Tips: Gain practical tips and techniques to keep your customer interactions engaging, informative, and inspiring, no matter how routine they may seem.


See you there! 

6 replies

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Woohooo @JamesAllen 🔥

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@JamesAllenI look forward to learning from you. I know you will bring out the best and most unique tips.

Thanks for the enriching session , this knowledge will be very helpful@JamesAllen.The biggest question i'd love to tackle is - How do you ensure that CSMs are equipped to conduct strategic cadence calls?


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@JamesAllenIt was a really insightful session. What is your main tip for getting into these cadences if you have been working without them for a long time?
What would be an ideal frequency for the same?

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Thanks @aiprakash, really glad that you enjoyed the session

Getting back into regular cadence with customers after a substantial period without them can be a gradual but rewarding process. My main tip would be to start with a subset of your customers and build from there. Making sure you have time to prepare, conduct and follow-up is essential. 

I’d focus on the value both you and the customer want to get from each call this will allow you to track progress effectively. Embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and flexibility, recognizing that the each cadence call may need adjustments based on evolving priorities and customer goals. 

There is no ideal frequency as this can vary depending on the size of your customer base, however, I would look at evaluating your workload and look at how you can efficiently add value to your customer base without causing burn out - this is a thin line! 

Hope this helps! 

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🚨 Give a listen to James’s session here.