PULSE - The 10 Rules of Customer Success in the New AI Reality - Thursday 15th November 15:40

  • 5 November 2023
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Hi Folks.


My Name is Mark Deegan and I am the CEO of Wigmore IT Group


Before becoming CEO I was a Gainsight Architect With over 4 years of Experience and Over 200 Client Engagements. 

But my story with Customer Success and AI goes back a lot longer than that. 

In fact I was first exposed to Customer Success and Artificial Intelligence at the same time at the same company over 7 years ago.

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new - But it has become more prevalent - Generative AI was an absolute ATOMIC BOMB when it was launched and the Industry is struggling to keep up - At the same time - Every Organisation worth their salt is trying to leverage AI to drive better outcomes for both their internal processes and their outcomes. 

I first got exposure to AI working for a Digital Personalisation Company who leveaged AI to deliver personalisation at scale to some of the biggest brands globally, including Emirates, Air New Zealand and Trivago. That customer went from a Startup to a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in the space of 10 years. All off the back of its AI capabilities and more importantly - the Outcomes that it delivered namely additional Revenue.

While I started in the Customer Success Department as a humble and underskilled Business Analyst I was quickly moved on to an area which I am still passionate about to this day - The Company Skunk Works or Innovation Labs. Our job was to find new solutions to everyday problems that could be delivered at scale to our customer base. It was fast moving and frankly terrifying at times. 

While Artificial Intelligence is nothing new, Its now starting to become more prevalent in other vertical such as Customer Success. But the bottom line, is that we weren’t first.The path has been tread before by other verticals. 

With the rise of Digital Customer Success, the line between high performance marketing practices and principles and Customer Success are becoming more blurred. 

In this session I will be delving into a few hot topics of the moment, and sharing my lessons learnt from both a Career and a Vertical that was distrupted by Artificial Intelligence as well as delving into my experience from some true leaders in the space.

While AI and Customer Success are pretty new bedfellows - I want to also talk about some practical examples on how to embed AI into a Customer Success functions and some of the measurable outcomes that we have already seen from our engagements with customers and start thinking about the Customer Success Metrics of the future.


Hope you can attend and I’ll try not to bore you!



4 replies

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What a hot topic!

Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse with us @mark_deegan 🙌🏼

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@mark_deeganYour journey is so inspiring. I have had a similar event in my career where I was introduced to customer success after 5 years as an additional role, but since then, there has been no looking back. I am so fortunate to learn from all of the experienced leaders in customer success. I am looking forward to all the AI-related Content you will be releasing and how we can make our customer journey more value-driven.

@mark_deegan Wow! This is truly amazing .
I can’t wait to see your Pulse session.

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@mark_deegan What would you say are the most important qualifications for future CSMs profile considering the new AI reality ?