• 28 June 2022
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Please use this blog post as a place to discuss your thoughts on the sessions and topics covered in the track 'Designing Customer Journeys that Drive Outcomes'. What did you find the most inspiring?


Understanding your customers and creating a connected user experience are key to delivering the outcomes your customers desire. In this track, our speakers will share tangible strategies that blend human touch and digital touch approaches that deliver value at every stage of the customer journey.

9 replies

is this session done. can we get access to the session recording?

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@charu smita thanks for checking in. These blogposts are in place to capture discussions that’d happen under the tracks during our physical Pulse 2022 conference in SFO on Aug 17 & 18. 

Subscribe to the Tracks of your choice, you’ll have a good idea of whats being talked about.

What area/usecase would you specially be interested in?

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@charu smita - Thanks for joining our Community!  Yes, all in person and virtual attendees will receive exclusive access to all Pule On Demand content.  That allows you to catch content from different tracks you might have missed.  What do you hope to take away from Pulse?

@anirbandutta i would be interested in customer journey use cases and how to Gainsight can be leveraged to drive them. thx

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@charu smita - You’re on the right track!  You’ll see a lot of use cases and how Gainsight is leveraged.  If you’re a current customer, after the conference, connect with your CSM and they can help guide you on developing your company’s journey as well.  One of the great advantages of being a Gainsight customer is “Thought Leadership” is included.  Our CSMs are all well versed in best practices and enjoy nothing more than helping customers achieve the best possible outcomes.  They are AMAZING consultants!



Very excited to join Pulse as a presenter on this track. Looking forward to the engagement and listening in on all of the great presentations across the tracks. Thank you for having me! 

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Looking forward to joining the conversation on this track. I present Thursday at 2pm on using a maturity assessment as part of our value delivery framework.  Come check it out!

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Was able to join Starting at the Finish Line: Build CS Processes From Expected Customer Outcomes virtually, and found it very timely as we are currently redoing our success planning to include desired customer outcomes.  Would love to hear how others are documenting customer outcomes including metrics (goal, tracking, and final).

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Hi all - curious to know if there was a session at Pulse that talked about defining criteria for customer stages to automate stage changes in Gainsight (when a customer has exited one stage and entered another). Are folks mostly using product metrics to define these stage transitions? If not, what else are you using?